They all speak softly
The office meeting for drinks
But one feels left out
I try to stay calm,
As the plane moves up and down.
Moving through the cloud
A walk together
On a cold and rainy night
You still made me smile.
two friends, noon cafe
share a story and a smile
the sound of soft rain.
Lost in a moment,
Hanging on the word he sings,
echoes in the hall.
plucking mandolin
soft brushes on a snare drum,
thud of the string bass.
Open books, coffee.
On the dimly lit table.
The only sound: rain.
The tree outside shrugs,
As the rain pours down, dripping,
cars on the wet street.
red wine makes me warm.
fuzzy, happy and dull, too
drinking to forget.

endless line of red
formed by all the lights ahead.
evening rush hour.
I am just a man.
flesh and bone, heart, soul and smiles
I am just a man.
Quitting any job
is reaffirming yourself
and that you are free.
Janis Joplin said
freedom is having nothing
nothing left to lose.
Ocean waves roaring,
Moonlight glimmers on each wave,
Crackling of camp fire