Each year passing us
. A time for snow. Rain and wind
Each season, rebirth.
Autumn siesta
Fresh again, like the morning
I welcome the night.
Coffee is earth's fruit
And I like it.
I will keep drinking it.
Jusquà la fin.
Life reminds us to
Forget the self, just breathe
Just be, just walk
The guitar hums with
A simple melody like
Walking aimlessly
Pages century old
Sitting on the shelf in wait
To inspire someone
Blues notes crying out
Into the night air, into the sky
Sitters sit, sitting
Sipping,reading,chatting low
Cafe afternoon
Blue liquid served cold
a pitcher topped with cherries
It's called "bong water"
Friends share life's moments
Rambles and coffee and laughs
Along life's journey
Water surging in
Blowing trees leaves scattering
The wind at my face
Soft piano rings
Like walls of blue floating by
Splashes of water
Walking in autumn
Leaves dry and brittle yellow
Cools the soul and mind
Under stars I drift
Like a leaf on the surface
Of still autumn pond