Distant sound of cars
Slushing on a rainy street
Silence of my room

being idle

Montréal, QC - November 2011
This is me doing what I do best - enjoying a cup of coffee!

We were near the observation area at the top of Mount Royal park when we went into this building. There were a couple of guys behind us playing chess or backgammon or something - seems like a great place to do so.

It should be noted that the beverage is a vanilla latte - from a vending machine! The coffee vending machines in Montreal seem to have consistently amazing, gourmet coffee available for about $2. This was actually almost coffee-shop quality.
One of my best memories from the best trip that I have ever taken!

The line slowly moves
but I am calm like the breeze
As i sit with tea
Light flash from a star
Brings me back to moment
Of impermanence
Le cocher du soleil
De nous le soleil se cache
Et on se couche
Je ne sais plus
Qui ou pourquoi, pour qui
pour quel, duquel
Humans be, are, will
Beings be-ing,
Working towards...?
The sun rises and sets
And we say time has passed
From space its timeless.
The day broke
And never was otherwise
Again and again
The source of us all
Lies under-neath of what-who
We suppose we('re) suppose(d)
To be.
Reminds sans cesse
Que j'gotta move
Setting sun reflects
Too bright too look but i do
And i see myself


one note ringing out
from an old man's old guitar
speaks of his sorrow
Only breath, smile.
And concern yourself not.
My thoughts echo
Like loud guitars screaming
Beautiful noise forever
Look at the sky, now
And ponder your birth and death
Between, celebrate!
Human connection
Born of smiles and hugs and laughs
Not a glowing screen
Occupy, occupé
In an office cubicle
In a muddy park
Puissant mais impuisant
L'illusion de choix partout
Mais la vie qui vous choix
Yellow mustard wall
Buffer between, around
The shiny black of my coffee
Old acqaintances
Pass on street numb as feet in snow
Un-knowing, dis-acquainted
Lost in myself here
Thought inside thought over dream
Feeling like just a word on a page in the library
Brisk with confidence
Business woman walking blocks
She is money is time.