as the sun rises
I am reassured again
That I can just be
The chatter of birds
Soft rustling as the trees dance
Blowing in the wind
soft light in my room
books scattered, stacked. some open
open window breeze
black sabboth rings loud
as a car passes me by
rock and roll lives on
sizzle sizzle pop
bacon is the only smell
dancing in my nose

grey suit white shirt tie
clothes neatly pressed, pressed for time
stop. life is passing.
when it's time to die
YOU are the one who will die
so live life for you

~inspired by Jimi Hendrix in "If 6 were 9"
the present moment
impossible to place it
yet it always is
Two friends, sunny day
Clouds, like fluffy cotton balls
Over endless fields
Old man, wandering
Has seen joy and suffering
but does not need words
Enraciné dans cette ville
J'avais poussé longtemps
Mais il faut que je pars
Deux langues dans la tete
Les autres mots et concepts
Pour comprendre le monde.
Passing the time now
In hope of a better life
But life will decide